We have received hundreds of wonderful reviews from people all around the world that have traveled to New York and been on one of our street art and graffiti tours. Below are just a few testimonials from individuals selected at random.  We hope to see you on one of our tours in the near future. 

We enjoyed the Bushwick graffiti and street art tour. The guide was nice and friendly, and the explanations given were interesting. Thank you for organizing these tours!

Regards, LSJ

The Bushwick graffiti and Street Art Tour was great. Our guide showed an extradorinary knowledge of the subject and great passion for it, which brought the matter to our heart. Though we had known quite a few things about the scene before the tour already, they made us see many things in a new way and different. Thank you again.- Best Regards,

Ralk & Kerstein From Stuttgart, Germany

Great tour! It was great to learn more about the history of the neighborhood and the evolution of graffiti, murals and street art. I highly recumbent the tour! Bring water, hat, and camera.-



Thank you for the photo, and also the tour which ignited an interest in street art in me. Today, I saw an uplifting new movie, "Art as a Weapon," about an artist who started a school to teach street art to young students in politically repressive Burma. The movie features Shepard Fairy and French street artist. JR. The film discusses the philosophy of street art from their perspectives and the students. Even Burmese Buddhist monks get involved in sticking.

I have been to hundreds of art museums, but before your tour I knew little about street art, and probably would have ignored the movie. I learned about it in a Buddhist magazine. The movie is available from Vimeo streaming or download. I will join another tour next time I am in New York.



It was great... the best tour in NY. And the tour guide is not just a guide but more like an art professor with enthusiasm of it. Thank you.:)

Izzy and Mar were great tour leaders, they were intimately familiar with the neighborhood and the art work. This was a very interesting introduction to graffiti and street art, it exceeded my expectations!


I really enjoyed the tour last week. The guides were very knowledgeable of the area and were very enthusiastic and motivated about shoring art history and culture. I traveled to New York by myself and I found it a great way to meet up with people in a very casual way. And, learning about street art actually made the remainder of my New York City and Brooklyn more enjoyable because I actually recognized artists in other areas of the city, which I learned about on the tour.

I will totally recommend it to my friends. Thank you and I wish you all the best of luck with this organization.



That's so awesome. Thanks so much! Your tour was one of my top favorite things of my five days in NYC!

Susan 🙂